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You Betrayed Me

Posted by Catherine on August 6, 2016

I absolutely love that some people think it is perfectly okay to steal your fuckbuddies. Especially when they are your friend! Or supposed to be your friend anyways. I couldn’t even believe it when my brother told me who my friend was hanging out with. Out of all people she chose my buddy, the one I have been meeting up with for years. Her excuse was that we were not in a relationship so she was not doing anything wrong. There are definitely two different ways to look at this, but I for one am looking at it as disrespect on both ends. I feel like I have to retaliate some how, I just do not know what I want to do yet. But when I do do something, they will both feel the same exact way as I do at this moment in time. Betrayed and angry.

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Taking My Time

Posted by Catherine on July 30, 2016

Church has never ever been a part of my life until just recently. About to weeks ago a very close friend from Derby escorts passed away in a horrible car crash and it was completely devastating for me and others. Since his passing the only place I can seem to find comfort is within a church, mainly in the one where his service was held. I know it sound corny or maybe even a little bit weird, but I need to some how feel close to him. From my understanding on death I don’t believe I am even close to letting go of the friendship we had. I know it is best to do it quickly rather than grieve for a life time but to me I need to take as much time as possible. I am not one to recover well from this type of thing so taking my time is in everyone’s best interest.

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Time To Suffer

Posted by Catherine on July 10, 2016

It has been such an awful week to the point of me wanting to run away for a long period of time, maybe forever. Work has been absolute hell and on top of it my husband is basically begging for a divorce. I am more than happy to give it to him so he can go on his sex in London escapades, but for some reason I’d rather see him beg. He has been so unfaithful over the years and crude that I find humor in making his life miserable at the moment. When I think maybe he learned his lesson, I might be able to put my signature on the papers. The things is, he will be paying for the whole divorce, I will not spit out a penny towards it. If he cannot deal with that than there will be no signing of anything at all. Never.

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Money Making Neighbor

Posted by Catherine on July 9, 2016

My neighbor is very beautiful and she is a dancer at night and works doing adult webcams from home during the daytime hours while her children are at school. She has been in the business for about ten years. We talk more in the summertime because it is warm and we always run into each other doing yard work. She has no shame in telling me her business and is proud of the income that she achieves.

This past summer she had told me that the work she has been doing paid her full ride on her bachelors degree, paid her home completely off and she is driving a brand new BMW limited edition. Now her focus is on a new career that she can allow her children to know about because as they get older they are starting to ask many questions. Her husband has been supportive throughout the whole way and is very proud of her choices.

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A Gift to Me

Posted by Catherine on April 15, 2016

I just bought an amazing laptop with my taxes a few weeks ago and I am very impressed with how it is working so far. The speed of it is absolutely amazing. My old computer used to take forever downloading movies and this one is very speedy. Rather than taking three hours to download, it only takes about 45 minutes, maybe less. My friend from Nottingham escort agency was actually the one who convinced me to buy it. I wasn’t into the whole touch screen at first, but after a few weeks of practice I really enjoy it. There is nothing more refreshing than having a computer you enjoy using. I had a horrible one before and it was so frustrating to even look it. It was a total piece of junk.

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A Hard Task

Posted by Catherine on April 7, 2016

I have been looking for a job steadily the past month and I have gotten no where. I have tried Nottingham escorts, local pubs and even fast food restaurants. So far, nothing. I already have one job but I just found out I was pregnant so I need a second one if I want to be able to prepare for the baby. I know your not supposed to over work yourself during pregnancy, but I am the sole provider at this moment in time. The father is over seas so therefore I have been given full responsibility to get everything ready for our child. I think so far I am doing a great job, I just wish I could find a few extra hours a week to help me buy everything I need.

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Shocked By Mom

Posted by Catherine on April 6, 2016

My mother has been single for over 10 years and she does not have any problem with it at all. She has always held a great job and makes a pretty decent income. Over the years she goes out with some friends from her work for dinner, bingo or out to the casino. She sometimes comes home a lot later then her usual outing, which I thought was a little strange!

We were talking one day in the living room and I asked her where she was last night and she explained how she met a man. I was shocked because she has never mentioned him to me nor even tried bringing him around. She went on to tell me that she likes dating casually because it is inexpensive for her and that she has no strings attached fuck buddy. Also she said that she does not want to have a serious relationship because she is happy living by herself.

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